Makers By Design

The “Makers By Design” engineering roadshow student development model is a partnership with Tennessee Tech’s College Of Engineering and the 21st ESEP program designed to motivate Middle Tennessee students interested in engineering. The joint venture introduces 10th-12th grade high school students interested in STEM ” Science, Technology, Engineering and Math” career paths to student chapter programs that enhance the Makers Experience. The engineering roadshow concept allows universities to identify potential undergraduate students thru a series of onsite mini-camps that use student chapter design competition projects to spark the imagination. The “Makers by Design” mini camp program will utilize TTU Motorsports FSAE racecar prototype as a baseline to facilitate a STEM centered curriculum to challenge future engineers. Tennessee Tech University Undergraduate and Graduate student technicians from multiple university majors that design, build, market, and race the TTU Motorsports FSAE prototype will facilitate the “Maker By Design” minicamps. The Team will introduce STEM related perimeters used in the design, research, development, production, and testing of a FSAE performance vehicle in 20 of Tennessee’s strongest STEM high schools.